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Welcome to the Trippin’ Paint(tm) Website

Home of the world's first true color changing automotive paint. 
Made in the U.S.A.

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Trippin' Paint(tm) is the world’s first temperature activated color changing automotive paint system. Trippin’ paint(tm) is an automotive paint system that changes colors with changes in temperature. It can be used to air brush graphics, or for an overall paint job. Trippin' Paint(tm) can be used to paint virtually anything, including metal, plastic, wood, fabrics, and many other ietms. We're not talking about something that looks like different colors at different angles, we're talking about a paint that can go from black to white, red to yellow, Purple to green, or just about any other combination you can think of. Trippin' Paint(tm) can be mixed with pearls, metal flakes, micro-sequins, flip-flop additives, and most other custom paint additives. We have paints that have the property of going from a colored state to clear that allows us to hide and reveal graphics under the paint. We could for example have a Viper painted on the hood of a Dodge Viper that would only appear when the engine got the hood hot, or real ghost flames that are invisible until activated. We can engineer the paint to change colors at any temperature between 0 F to 160 F. (Please note that hidden graphics must be incorporated in the original design of the graphics and we will help you with that process.)
Since we can make many color combinations it is possible to have several color change combinations which all start at the same cold color and change to a different color upon heating. In this way you can have a very detailed air brushed graphic which is virtually invisible until it is heated. Another option is to match a graphic color to the cold color of the Trippin’ paint so that when it heats the rest of the background changes color leaving only the graphic. This is how the “Rising Sun” bike is done below.

Check out these videos.  The first one is a paint that goes through 3 stages depending on the temperature.  It is black when below 90 F. Red from 90 F to 120 F and yellow above 120 F.  The second one is the rising sun bike, and the 3rd and forth are models done in desert camo that changes from black at night to desert tan during the day. 

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Most unique and stunning paint job around

Almost any color to any other color and back

Can select any trip point temperature 0-150 deg. F

12 mo or 12,000 mi guarantee*

Optional color change on demand and with remote

An automotive paint that applies just like any other paint

Air Brushable

Allows for your own creative artwork

Base coat clear coat system

*(when installed by a certified Trippin' Paint technician)

Trippin’ Customs

Trippin Customs(tm) is located just outside New Orleans, LA, and where else in the world would you find something like this? Trippin’ Customs(tm) can create a custom paint job that will change color on demand. We can either change the color of the whole paint scheme, or just change the color of the graphics, like flames that are red, but change to yellow at the flip of a switch, or wireless remote activation. The effect of this paint is awesome and the custom possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Custom paint and art work is priced per job and depends on what kind of paint job you want. Prices include a color change paint job of any color combination including additives like pearl, metal flake, or micro-sequins. The standard paint starts changing at 88F and 91F. Please contact us for a free quote. Trademarked and Patent pending, all rights reserved.

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The link below will take you to the 5-Star Shine web site.  This patented polymer is used by the Navy to protect their Ageis Radar from salt water and UV radiation.  You will never have to wax your vehicle again!  This is a must have for Trippin' Paint as it provides superior protection against UV radiation.


Hot Chopper/Cool Chopper



This Honda 250 RR is painted with "Rising Sun"(red to yellow) paint. The rising sun graphic is painted to match the cold color (red) and it appears when engine heats the paint changing it to the hot yellow color.






Thunder Down Under!

Here is Australian Distribtor's car at the Hot Import Nights show in Sydney.






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